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Clonazolam synthesized for the first time in 1971, which is considered to be one of the most potent benzodiazepines and has a very long half-life.

The chemical formula of Clonazolam is C17H12C1N5O2 and Molar Mass is 353.07 g/mol.

It has never been marketed as a drug by a pharmaceutical company before it became available on the Research Chemicals market in the last few years, so nothing was known about the human consumption of Clonazolam. Because of its extremely high potency and the strong sedation and amnesia at too high doses, Clonazolam is considered one of the most dangerous benzodiazepines.

It is really hard to deal with this substance without slipping into a heavy dependency; unfortunately, many people fail to do so, which results in a severe withdrawal.

This new psychoactive substance is closely related to Clonazepam and alprazolam and is one of the most popular Research Chemical Benzodiazepines. Although the name suggests a similar effect to that of Clonazolamis a much more potent substance with marked effects. If there is a medical need to regularly take a benzodiazepine, a doctor should definitely be consulted and a longer-researched pharmaceutical benzodiazepine should be taken.

Clonazolam may cause physical or psychological damage that is not yet known and the vendors of substances may sell contaminated material or send a substance other than the specified one. Usually, 0.5mg of Clonazolamtablets or blotter is sold. Since it is already a high dosage which can be too much for sensitive persons and can lead to a strong sedation and long sleep, sometimes 0.25mg tablets are sold.

The quality of these non-pharmaceutical tablets varies very much, the 0.5mg pills of one vendor can have a much stronger effect than the 0.5mg pills of another vendor. In rare cases, it is also sold the high-potential pure substance (this is extremely difficult to handle, safety precautions such as an oral protection and gloves should be taken and the active ingredient dissolved in a solvent.

As far as its side effects are a concern, there may be unpredictable long-term adverse effects and side effects, which is why consumption is strictly discouraged. Dizziness, Blackouts are possible in too high doses – amnesia/blackouts are very common side effect of higher doses of Clonazolam. This is one of the greatest dangers from the use of this benzodiazepine, there are many reports from consumers who had amnesia and during which extreme doses of Clonazolam were taken.

This can lead to a severe dependency, severe detoxification and therefore dangerous/uncontrolled/embarrassing acts and in the worst case also to death. However, Clonazolam is not as harmful to blackout as Phenazepam.

Very high addiction potential and worse, life-threatening withdrawal – In order to get away from a benzodiazepine dependency, the consumer should dump the active substance before he completely stops the intake.

Other side effects of Clonazolam include tiredness, irritability, bad mood, and headache are possible symptoms – but in normal doses, these should not occur, or only slightly, but in Clonazolam, some users also report a dose of 0.5mg the next day of significant unpleasant effects.

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